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As a place in time Severn Bridge came to existed around the early 1800 and became a Logging industry strong point. What allot of people don't know is the Severn Bridge name came from the bridge over the "Severn" River which divided Whales from England. The Severn River in Britain connects to the Trent River. It was an area well known for its many bridges, some of which were the largest ever built of their time and still stand to this day.

The area in Britain was populated also with some long standing names of families that are still in this area as well like the Telfords and Fowlers.

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This first picture here is looking south from about where the Severn River Inn is today
at what used to be the Mickel, Dyment Lumber Mill.
Here are three of the Steamers that used to service, transport supplies and people down steam to places on Sparrow lake area that had no road acsess. The Robroy on the left then the Lakefield and Champion, taken in 1905 from the Mickel Dyment lumbermill side of the river looking toward where the Severn River inn stands today.
Norman Bennetts boat the Robroy sits at it's home just north of Bennett's Hotel under the original bridge on Peninsula Point before they moved the bridge to it's current location at Hamlet.
Bennetts Hotel was a resort founded by Norman Bennett in the late 1800's. This painting was done by Thomas W. Mitchell just after WWII.
Pictured here is the bridge at Hamlet being moved up stream
to its new location where it sites today as the stationary part of the the "Swing Bridge"
This picture is of the Canal being built between Lock 42 and Lake Couchiching
you can see the railroad bridge already in place on the left.
The Severn Bridge Station was located just where the road into Lock
42 crosses the r.r. track. (south of the mill, west side of #11).
S.S. No. 9 public school, Severn Bridge, built in 1899, it was
closed and torn down in 1924.

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